Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How to Market Online Your Message

Do you have a message? Would you like people to know about your passion? Would you like people to support your cause? Or change people's way of thinking about something you believe in so much? Or do you just like share your thoughts to the world?

What is your message? You may share your thoughts on a gospel passage for the day. Or, simply share your thoughts on what was on the news today. One of my friends who is a Catholic priest is a blogger. He publishes his weekly message or sermon on his website and blog. Another Anglican Priest writes his message on his blog about his passion for boxing, his activities in the parish and sermons.

Many non-profit organisations are now creating blogs on their website to spread their message and even use it to scout for donations. So, you do not have to market a physical product. You may market an idea, a concept or a belief.

So, here are the steps to market online your message:

1. Identify a specific message that you would like to market or promote online.

2. Clarify your end goal. Do you just want people to read and know about it? Who are your target audience? What will make you satisfied and glad that you have marketed and broadcast your message?

3. Create a blog. You may want to start with the free blog sites around. For example, you may use http://www.blogger.com or http://www.WordPress.com. You can put in your message immediately without the hassle of buying a domain name and a hosting account.

4. Write your message. This is obviously the time to express your thoughts, ideas, activities, causes and beliefs. Write your main message.

5. Submit your article to article directories. In order to increase your readership, you need to submit your original article. You may also include your url or website address and your own author bio at the end so that people can trace you back to your site.

6. Send an email to your contacts on your address book. You may start with the people you know and encourage them to make a comment on your blog.

7. Post an entry on your social sites.You may then share your article from your blog on sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

So marketing online is basically promoting your products, thoughts, ideas, activities and message on the internet. Once you get the confidence in this process, you may even start to market products as well.

Roslyn Rajasingam is an inspired and ethical online entrepreneur. She inspires people to use the internet with integrity to market products, services and messages that will help others live a joyful, peaceful and abundant life. For more information, please visit http://www.inspiredtomarketonline.com.

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